Azura Sawada 3000S coil

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Article: AZS3000S
Brand: Azura
Model: Sawada
Clutch type: front
Type: Inertial
Weight, g: 224
Line capacity, mm / m: 0.185 / 150
Front Ratio: 5.2: 1
Bearings: 11
Additional spool: one, aluminum
Handle turnover, cm: 78
Braking force, kg: 6.0
Spool size: 3000S

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The Azura Sawada fishing reel represents advanced technological solutions combined in a single model body at a fairly budgetary price. This reel is an absolute novelty in the Azura lineup, designed for spinning fishing in the light and ultralight class. Azura coil models are built on the basis of a dense body based on aluminum and graphite, reinforced with a support insert. The weight of the reels is perfectly matched to the main spinning rods on the market today. The reel is equipped with an anti-twist line roller system, combined with a finely tuned internal mechanics for an excellent laying of soft cords.

Spinning reel for pike and zander Azura Sawada 3000S

The metal handle has a direct fixation in the thread of the main pair, excluding the manifestation of backlash after long-term operation of the reel. The optimized arrangement of 11 bearings makes the coil travel soft and extremely balanced. The anti-slip rubberized knob makes it comfortable to work with the reel during wet weather and when the angler’s fingers are wet. Azura Sawada is a high-tech reel that has a number of competitive advantages – we expect positive feedback from Azura Sawada reels in the near future.


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