Balansier VS Luks 01

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The balancer VS Luks has a unique sweep game and also perfectly “executes” the standard figure eight, flashing attractively while turning the belly. It is easy to use, has a wide range of colors and sizes. This sticky balancer is suitable for catching perch, zander and pike in both stagnant and current waters. With its maximum specific gravity, the balancer looks like a live fish in water. A feature of the balancer is the removable “cheburashka” attachment, which allows you to quickly change the size and type of tea. Tea is not included. The length shown is the length of the balancer body without tail and hooks.

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Балансиры - Balancer weight

13гр, 18гр, 22гр, 30гр, 4гр, 8гр

Балансиры - Balancer length

2,6см, 4см, 5см, 6см

Dimensions 4 cm


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