Mikado Nano Crystal ZTX

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Flagship model of Mikado spinning reels. All units are designed and developed in Japan. Excellent performance characteristics: light, quiet running, perfect balancing, complete absence of backlash. The reel has a front friction brake with increased precision of force adjustment, which can reach 6 kg. The brake works clearly and smoothly, eliminating the “jerk” at the start. Such characteristics were made possible by the installation of a ball bearing and a clamping nut at the base of the spool, which seals the compartment with the friction discs. Lightweight graphite body with ergonomic mounting foot design. Instantaneous backstop with switch on the back of the case. Reversible handle with comfortable grip. The bow has a special shape, which reduces the likelihood of overlapping and sticking of the fishing line; there is a lock preventing its spontaneous discharge during a sharp cast. Line guide roller with bearing, titanium nitride coated. Main and spare ventilated duralumin spool with increased diameter. Perfect line lay. Recommended for anglers who are not used to finding a compromise and making maximum demands on all the characteristics of the tackle used!

Катушки - Spool model (Interless)

1006, 2006


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