Silicone Reins Ring Shrimp 2.0″

Brand: Reins
Model: Ring Shrimp
Bait Type: Cancer
Length, mm: 50
Edible Silicone: Yes
Buoyancy: Sinking
Packing (pcs.): 9pcs, 12pcs


Ring Shrimp 2 “- small, with a total length of 50 mm, shrimp – similarly similar to a small crustacean or insect. The unusual shape of the claws, with expansion at the ends, gives the bait a trembling, lively game.” Edible “material of the model is dense, the claws are endowed with light Positive buoyancy Like all Reins lures, the model is available in a variety of colors.When used on various light rigs, be it leash or articulated, it is a formidable weapon in ultralight fishing. to get the fish deeper in. Ring Shrimp 2 is renowned as one of the best lures among Japanese manufacturers focused on catching perch in cold water.


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